Student Leadership


Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Student Leadership 



2020 Leadership and Logistics Team

Drum Majors

Kyla Hampson (lead)
Claire Jones
Ethan Ruan

Band President

Jia Carpenter

Band Vice President

Nathan Ellis

Logistics Manager

Taylor Montgomery

Colorguard Captain(s)

Ashley Johnson
Ashley Pedowitz
Jordan Robinson
Ace Traber

Field Coordinator

Ananya Ashok

Peer Mediator

Jazmin Rea

Facilities Manager

Ethan Schaum


Flute Section Leader(s)

Jia Carpenter
Jessica Berry
Alondra Flores

Clarinet Section Leader(s)

Ethan Johnson
Divya Tadanki

Saxophone Section Leader(s)

Grant Buice
Daniel Burge
Lydia Hanna

Trumpet Section Leader(s)

Ajay Bardakjy
Reid Buck
David Melonakos

Mellophone Section Leader(s)

Evan Goldsmith
Alyson Morris
Mark Podrazhansky

Baritone Section Leader(s)

Andrew Young
Matthew Springer

Trombone Section Leader(s)

Luis Collantes
Jonathan Cowles
Ashton Roth

Sousaphone Section Leader(s)

Nathan Ellis

Snare Section Leader

TBA after summer auditions

Battery Captain/Quads Section Leader

Mebibora Akerejola


Bass Drum/Flub Section Leader

TBA after summer auditions

Front Ensemble Captain(s)

Lainey English
Jonah Schertz


Marimba/Xylophone Section Leader

TBA after summer auditions

Vibraphone/Glockenspiel Section Leader

TBA after summer auditions

Electronics/Aux Section Leader

TBA after summer auditions

Logistics Team

Ananya Ashok

Nyasia Chambers
Lindsey Berry
Jehan Patel
Taylor Montgomery* (manager)
Ethan Schaum
Cian Thomas





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