Milton Band Booster Club

Board Members and Committee Chairs




Becky Jones


Claire Mattson 


Rina Bardakjy & Craig Rubin

Colorguard VP

Gina Piper

SPIN  Amy Wilbanks
JV Lead

Janice Haretgens

Sign ups and Trips Lynn Campbell
Props John Bishop
Meals Gina Piper
X23 Jacquie Sandiford
Percussion VP Mirele Furtado
Lead, Trips and Carpools Tara Spolan
Props Scott Beldsoe
Uniforms Tera Guy
Meals Mirele Furtado
X23 Lisa Enderle

Vice President of Hosting and Logistics

Sean McHugh

Auditorium Decorating for Concerts

Sean McHugh


Tara Spolan & Rebecca Cahill 

Equipment Crew

Sean McHugh

Performance Dinners

Mirele Furtado

Props Sean McHugh

Vice President of Parent Activities

Tera Guy 

Band Banquet

Yvonne Latorre

Band Camp

Tracy Thompson & Rebecca Cahill

Communications Chair

Becky Jones

Concert Attire

Amy McCallum & Sonya Dudziak


Shelby and David Thorne

Marching Uniforms

Amy McCallum & Sonya Dudziak

Parent Shirts

Alison Mody

Rookie Parent Tailgate

Tera Guy 

Under-Uniforms & Show Shirts

Jacque Sandiford

Website/IT Support

Jeff Pabian



Vice President of Student Activities

Holly Berry

Alumni Night

Chris Shumick

Band Registration

Holly Berry


Ruby Gabac

Letter Jackets / Band Jackets

Veronica O’Brien

Senior Night

Jennifer Nash, Mirele Furtado, Beth Puckett

Senior Rookie Party

Holly Berry

Senior Signs

Veronica O’Brien



Co Vice President of Ways & Means

Lisa Enderle & Tracy Thompson


Megan McHugh, Carole Phelan & Laurie Skidd

Football Programs


MID/WG X (exhibition)

Lisa Enderle, Jacque Sandiford


Lynn Campbell

Poinsettia Sale

Claire Pearson & Christy McWhorter 

Senior Ads

Amy Wilbanks

Social Media


Spirit Nights

Jennifer Stone 


Tracy Thompson

Taste of Alpharetta

Michele & Patrick Jones

White Columns Invitational

Lisa Enderle & Tracy Thompson



Upcoming Events

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